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OFFER Srl was born in 1980 from a simple slogan of its founder, demonstrated in the winning years: “Our business is your satisfaction”. In these 30 years the maximization of customer satisfaction has always been the corporate imperative.

Then as today we put the utmost attention to detail, because we know that it is the details that make a great product.




Our company was born, immediately having among its customers brands such as Nike and Reebok. The production of accessories such as hats, caps, ties, gloves and scarves, are made mainly in Italy


Partnership agreements in China

The Italian and Romanian productions, now consolidated, are joined by the Chinese. A partnership agreement is reached with a Hong Kong company


Production relocation in China

The production of accessories are moved almost entirely to China. Traditionally produced accessories are complemented by bags and sportswear (polo, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, costumes, shorts) and an internal style office is created for the development of new ideas and models.


First production and distribution licence agreement

The first licence agreement for the production and distribution of garments was signed with A.S. Roma. The following year will follow those with F.C. Inter, A.C. Milan and Juventus F.C..


Museum Brand acquisition

50% of the ownership of the Museum clothing brand is acquired.


New Licensing agreement Vuarnet

A new licensing agreement is concluded for one of the historic Vuarnet ski brands.

Offer Srl

Offer Srl

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