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The OFFER SRL was born in 1983 from a simple concept of its founder Goffredo Formato: “our business is your satisfaction”.

We have always maintained as a business imperative the maximization of customer satisfaction.

To be able to live up to this imperative over the years we have moved the productions from Italy to Romania and finally to Asia without ever reducing the attention to quality.Today we have working relationships with some of the most important Italian and non Italian clothing companies, every year we have the good fortune and the honor of being able to include in our customers new brands to which we devote the same attention. Our innate curiosity and love of beauty drive us to a constant search for what the market can offer.

The constant research, by our sourcing office of fabrics, materials, treatments and products, guarantees our customers to be in line with the most current market trends.
Thanks to the close daily cooperation between our office and our partner factories we are able to transform your ideas and your projects into winning products.
We follow the production in all its stages: from the procurement of fabrics and materials to packaging.
Quality control at the fty is guaranteed by personnel trained by Italians.

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Offer Srl

Offer Srl

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